Transmission - Space Ranger

Space Ranger - Superstring

We had the best time at Lasermagnetic's Moxie party last Sat, mostly thanks to the genius crowd of exuberant space rangers who kept us chugging on until the plug got pulled at 4. So massive thanks to you all - and the Lasermagnetic crew - for making it happen! This also leads me neatly on to this track, the reaction to which, when Chev dropped it, was a joy to behold.

From 'Superstring' on Madrid-based Lovemonk

(...two artists with 'Space' in their name in one day. Oh dear.)

Transmission - Space Dimension Controller

Space Dimension Controller - Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere

The title of this track and indeed the alias of its 19-year-old Dutch creator probably tell you everything you need to know about the tendencies it exhibits. Set the controls for the heart of... something.

From 'Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere' on Royal Oak


Transmission - The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Undercover Of The Night

Heads up and hats off to Andy Blake, who confused the hell out of us at World Unknown on Friday (was that even you, Andy Blake? We couldn't see each other let alone the stage) and is also responsible for this incredible live mix from The Beat! which drew our attention to this extraordinary slab of sleaze. The Stones won't allow embedding of the original video, but the version below has better sound quality anyway.


Special Transmission - Moxie edits

On Sat 16th we've been asked to host room 3 of Lasermagnetic's Moxie party and we're a little bit excited. For those who don't know, Moxie is a legendary, mysterious disco edits imprint that has been quietly putting out enormous recuts for nearly 10 years, culminating in a 'Goodbye' 10" just a few months ago. In their only UK performance the Moxie crew will be joining Lasermagnetic residents Neil Thornton and Johny Chingas Hiller in the main room of the Horse and Groom, with Ears Have Eyes taking care of business upstairs. Hope to see you there!

A couple of favourite Moxie edits:

Transmission - Michael Bundt

Michael Bundt - La Chasse Aux Microbes

Many thanks to TJ Hertz for this glorious Kosmische tip. Krautrock-era electronica at its very best.

From 'Just Landed Cosmic Kid', out in 1977 on Asylum