Transmission - Dylan Ettinger

Dylan Ettinger - Shandor's Dream

I'll let the album sleeve do the talking this time.

From 'New Age Outlaws' on Not Not Fun


Bad Dimension with MUGSTAR live and guest DJ Jahshabby, 26 Mar 2011

MUGSTAR are the sound of 10,000 suns exploding, pounding like a supersonic mantra with shades of Sonic Youth, Neu!, Oneida and Pink Floyd. Since emerging in 2002 from the ashes of guitarist Peter Smyth's fondly remembered krautrockers Kling Klang, MUGSTAR have toured tirelessly with noise compatriots that include Mogwai, Melt Banana, Acid Mothers Temple, Clinic, Fucked Up, Mike Watt and Part Chimp. They famously recorded the last ever of John Peel's legendary Peel Sessions.

Revolving around locked krautrock rhythms, blisteringly heavy psychedelic riffs and turbo-charged grooves, MUGSTAR's latest album "Lime" was released on Important Records in October 2010. This will be their first show in London since the release.

Special guest DJ Jahshabby has appeared at Sonic Cathedral, Night of the Long Swords and Rock'n'Roll Soul, where he is a resident. Bands for which he has whipped up a frenzy include Sonic Boom, Wolf People and the Soundcarriers. Expect illsickpsychfunkbreaks and old records from foreign climes to confuse and delight.

BAD DIMENSION DJs collide kosmische disco, mutant funk, punk and psych to create analogue raves of supermassive proportions, powered by propulsive rhythms, motorik beats and tripped-out fuzz from the 60s to present.

The Horatia is a beautiful big boozer on Holloway Road with a hefty club soundsystem, recently reopened by the team behind Shoreditch's Horse and Groom.

Entrance is FREE.

Easter Sunday at the Horse & Groom, 24 Apr 2011

It was a pleasure to bring in this year at the Horse & Groom's disco spectacular, illustrated in full feathered splendour here and captured for your cans below. We'll be riding a beefed up soundsystem for the Easter Sunday party among a legendary cast with Discovery, Disco Deviance, Feel My Bicep and Leftside Wobble. The Papermill Terrace warms up from 2pm with a barbecue: we bring you the nightshift in the perfectly sleazy boudoir upstairs, from the psych-garage to the spacefunk disco mothership, 10 til 6am: be prepared.

Bad Dimension Live @ Horse & Groom NYE Spectacular 2010-11 by baddimension

Pictures of Brassica live at Bad Dimension, 27 Nov 2010

Remember this? Big thanks to Charles Chintzer Lai for the shots.

Brassica in Atlantis mode with Hey Man, on Relish Recordings' E.P.4 since December:

Pictures of Teeth Of The Sea live at Bad Dimension, 25 Feb 2011

Big thanks to Teeth of the Sea for a stunning show, and to all of you who came for the vibes. Check out the set on Flickr here. Do get in touch if you've taken any photos our nights: we'd love to see (there's probably only so far a distracted promoter can get, photographically speaking, waving a camera around in a dark room while dancing).