Looking back, and forth: BAD DIMENSION with TEETH OF THE SEA

Photos have appeared bearing witness to BAD DIMENSION with GNOD last month, including the violent demise of that doomed guitar. Check them out here and here. Big thanks to Julie Kane and to echoesanddust for capturing the show, and to the rest of you for making it happen. That was some next-level shit.

Next Friday, 25th February, BAD DIMENSION will host a live performance by TEETH OF THE SEA, rumoured to be the most thrilling and transformative thing ever to emerge from Manor House. This dark, cinematic psychedelia swings from a Morricone western to an Acid Mother's wig-out, through marauding sci-fi Brit-prog and squalling, feedback-crusted noise.

Recent second album Your Mercury has been described as "Sexual transcendence you achieve while your flesh dissolves under the leathery wings of the bat people of The Beastmaster." (20jazzfunkgreats), or "Like a giant android kestrel occupying an ominous telephasic cathedral" (BBC).

Entrance, as always, is FREE.

Friday 25 February
The Horatia, 98-102 Holloway Road, London

Transmission - The Skull Defekts

"Your immediate and focused attention is requested."

Of all the filth that might come to see the light of day on a February 14th, this might not have been expected. The Skull Defekts have made a new album, and this track sounds like Steve Albini making love to a voodoo kaleidoscope.

The Skull Defekts - Fragrant Nimbus


Transmission - GAMES

GAMES - Strawberry Skies

While we're on the mini-groups tip, here's some haunted synth-pop from Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford. That is, it's synth-pop that's haunting them. What results is something far more dense and interesting.

From 'That We Can Play' on Hippos In Tanks

Transmission - The Stallions

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Tears (Stallions Remix)

Awesome work from Lee Douglas and Lovefingers, infusing the hippie-esque tones of TPHB with their wonderful strain of percussion-heavy desert-disco, and finishing up with something more genuine-sounding than the original.

Get it here