Welcome to the Bad Dimension blog! We'll be using this space to post news about the night - as well as any musical bits that we're loving too much to keep to ourselves, and maybe the odd set too...

We're hugely excited to announce the opening night featuring the extraordinary psychedelic hypnosis of THE OSCILLATION with visuals by the brilliant Julian Hand. Rather than reel off more silly adjectives, I'll direct you to this video of the two in collaboration, which speaks for itself. The rest of the evening will comprise our in-house DJs taking you on a journey from psyched-out 60s garage to the furthest reaches of contemporary space disco, with an emphasis on dancing, and fun. We're keeping the door free - this is about the music, folks.

The incredible poster art for the night is courtesy of Peter Attridge.

More to follow...stay tuned...

Sat 28 August 2010
The Horatia, Holloway Road, London
Free Entry